AV Fistula Needle

AV Fistula Needle - AVF Needle Set (Arterial and Venous Cannulas for Hemodialysis)

Regal International offers Bbraun DIACAN AVF Needle Set with safe products for users and patients in efficient and successful dialysis treatment. The needle is thin-walled, siliconized and secured with a laminar flow ensuring a high blood flow rate. The siliconisation of the needle helps to reduce blood coagulation having highly flexible and latex free tube material. Our Bbraun DIACAN AVF Needle Set is sage for patients and gentle on vessels as well as user friendly for your nursing staff. The AV fistula needle is used in dialysis treatment, is directly connected in a person artery and vein. In order to strengthen the fistula for the good flow of blood in hemodialysis the patient is taught to do exercise like squeezing a rubber ball.

For patients undergoing hemodialysis, A.V. Fistula Needle Set permits arterial and venous access. In other terms, this fistula needle is a surgical connection between artery & vein. This fistula needle has flexible rotating wings that are specially designed for firm gripping and easy location during intuition. It also minimizes pain during insertion and in turn maximizes smooth and laminar flow. Comparatively, AV fistula needle allows high rate of blood flow from your vein to dialysis machine

It enjoys high preference specifically for hemodialysis cannulation. The AV Fistula needle creates fistula that is present in the forearm. Once they are matured, they ensure a high blood circulation in the extracorporeal blood circuit for effective procedure of hemodialysis. The AVF needle provides a long-term access and the fact that it usually has large diameter ensures a faster rate of blood travel from and back into the body. For the process of haemodialysis, AV Fistula Needle Set is one of the most important equipments as its goal is to ensure that a large quantity of blood passes through the dialyzer.

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Bbraun DIACAN AVF Needle Set

Arterial and venous cannulas for hemodialysis