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Dialysers and Filters - Diasafe Plus Filter, Paediatric Dialyser, Plasma Filter, Ultrafilter for Ultrapure Dialysis

Regal International deals in exporting of dialysers and filters like Diasafe Plus Filter 5008201, FX60 Dialyzer, Fresenius FX Class Paediatric Dialyser, B Braun Diacap Ultra Dialysis Fluid Filter, Fresenius FX Class FX80 Dialyzer, Gambro U8000 S ultrafilter For ultrapure dialysis fluid, Fresenius Diasafe Plus- 5008211, Plasma Flux P2 Dry Filter 5008031, Plasmaflux P2 Dry Filter, Ultraflux AV Paed Dialyser 5008231, Ultraflux Filters and many more products. We offer wide range of dialysers and filters, where dialysis filter is available in dialysis fluid filter and dialysis dry filter. Proven technology products and consistent performance has made Regal International, a leading company in providing surgical products. Dialyzer and Filters are the essential parts of the dialysis machine. The role of dialyzer in dialysis treatment is like artificial kidney. The blood flows through the capillaries, i.e. made of Fresenius polysulfone, a plastic with haemocompatibilty characteristics. Dialyzer in the dialysis machine helps to remove excess waste and fluid from the blood when the kidney cannot perform this task. Also the dialyzer filter, removes the metabolic toxins from the body whereas the vital proteins and blood cells remain in the blood. Hence, the filter helps to get pure dialysis fluid used in the dialysis treatment.

Diasafe Plus - Hygienic & Fast Fluid Filter

The quality and purity of dialysis fluid is one of the most important in the dialysis treatment. During the dialysis, the water been used for producing dialysis fluid may not meet the exact requirement on bacterial contamination levels laid by regulatory bodies. Hence, the Diasafe plus filter ensures with the purity levels that meets the requirement with its excellent endotoxin retention capabilities due to the superior adsorptive and sieving characteristics of the membrane. It consists of lock system that provides an easy and hygienic connection of diasafe plus to the dialysis machine.

Diasafe Plus Filter 5008201

We are the leading organization in the industry to provide our clients with the best quality array of Diasafe Plus Filter. Quick Details Properties: Medical Materials & Accessories Type: Surgical Supply

FX60 Dialyzer

Regal International supplies FX60 Dialyzers that are of the finest quality and hence prove to be highly effective in hemodialysis. It is a light weight equipment and weight almost as half as other dialyzers

Fresenius FX Class Paediatric Dialyser

We Offer High-Quality Paed Dialyser From Fresenius Medical Care In best Price.As members of the FX-class of dialysers, both the FX paed and the FX 40 dialyser deliver the high expectations on dialysers

B Braun Diacap Ultra Dialysis Fluid Filter

Diacap® Ultra Diacap® Ultra is manufactured with high-grade Polysulfone fiber used in dialysis treatment. It is a gamma-sterilized, hollow-fiber membrane filter. It is supposed to be used as a bacterial

Fresenius FX Class FX80 Dialyzer

Proven Fresenius quality for standard hemodialysis Proving track record of success of the Helixone® membrane Unique FX-class® design Purity enhanced — with steam High endotoxin retention cap

Gambro U8000 S ultrafilter For ultrapure dialysis fluid

The U 8000 S dialysis ultrafilter for ultrapure dialysis and on-line HDF/HF Purification of incoming water for dialysis Preparation of ultrapure dialysis fluid Online preparation of sterile substi

Fresenius Diasafe Plus-5008211

DIASAFE plus is an integral part of contemporary dialysis machines. Only three handling steps are necessary to install or exchange DIASAFE plus (Fig. 1): Open the locks of the filter holder Slide DI

Plasma Filter - Plasma Flux P2 Dry Filter 5008031

Plasma Flux P2 Dry Filter is provided to ensure that the immune system of the patient does not get activated while there is an interaction between membrane and the blood. For the Plasma Filter, the blood

PlasmaFlux P2 Dry Filter

PlasmaFlux PSU filters from Fresenius Medical Care enable the elimination of a wide range of substances due to a sieving coefficient of 1 for molecules with a molecular weight of up to 2 million daltons.

Ultraflux AV Paed Dialyser 5008231

Fresenius Polysulfone® Filter for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy The excellent blood compatibility of the Fresenius Polysulfone® membrane has been demonstrated in numerous publications.

Ultraflux Filters

With the assistance of our talented team of professionals, we are providing a high-quality range of Ultraflux Filters. Features: Rigid design Hassel free functioning Long working life

Fresenius Diasafe Ultra Dialysis Fluid Filter

Despite significant improvements in the quality and efficacy of haemodialysis therapy in recent years, cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of death for dialysis patients.

Fresenius Make Diasafe Ultra Dialysis Fluid Filter

We at Regal International offer high-quality Diasafe Ultra Dialysis Fluid Filter for safe production of ultrapure dialysis fluid. We believe in providing qualitative diasafe ultra dialysis fluid filter to the clients

Fresenius FX5 Dialyzer

We are renowned amongst the customers for offering a wide array of Fresenius Dialyzer. Our product is manufactured by our experts using latest techniques. We offer a product to our customers at affordabl

U9000 Ultrafilter for Ultrapure Dialysis Fluid

The U9000™ ultrafilter is central to the dialysis fluid delivery system: Refinement of water for dialysis Readiness of ultrapure dialysis liquid Composition of substitution fluid for on-line HDF

Fresenius Basic Diasafe Plus Filter 4008 B

Fresenius Basic Diasafe Plus Filter 4008 B is used to purify with the dialysis fluid. Dialysis fluid may contain microbial impurities like endotoxins that are derived from bacterial fragments.

Diacap Hips 10 PS HF-Dialyzer

Polysulphone hemofilter for acute renal replacement therapyHighly biocompatible Polysulfone membrane High cut-off allowing high clearances Easy to prime and lower blood resistance Gamma sterilizat

Nipro Dialyzer 13M

Polysulphone hemofilter for acute renal replacement therapy. Highly biocompatible Polysulfone membrane High cut-off allowing high clearances Easy to prime and lower blood resistance Gamma sterilize

Nipro Elisio Dialyser

Being a most prominent organization, we are engaged in offering a wide range of Nipro Elisio Dialyzer. Nipro Elisio Dialyzer Features: Perfect finish User-friendly design Best performance

Fresenius Low Flux Dialysers

To serve the requisite demands of our clients, we are engaged in providing a qualitative range of Fresenius Low Flux Dialysers. Features: Superb strength Anti-corrosive Rugged design

High Quality Fresenius High Flux Dialyzer

By leveraging upon our huge industry experience, we provide the best array of High Flux Dialyzers. High Flux Dialyzer Features: High efficiency Optimum performance Long working life

FX8 Dialyzer

FX8 dialyzer is been formed by the latest technology with distinctive functional features like fibre bundle geometry, flow port, membrane nanostructure etc. Fresenius Medical Care FX8 Dialyzer provides many features

Low Flux Dialyzer - Fresenius F4 HPS Dialyzer, F4 Steam Dialyzer 5007041

Regal International is renowned for offering a wide range of Fresenius dialyzers including Low Flux Dialysers - F4 High-Performance Steam (HPS) dialyzer. This F-Series Fresenius dialyzer is manufactured with care and safety

F 40S Dialyzer

F 40S Dialyzer is known for its biocompatibility and is been used for the dialysis treatment. Fresenius F40S High Flux Dialysers helps to purify the dialysis fluid as adverse interactions between the blood

50HF 80S Dialyzer - Fresenius HF80S Dialyser 5007181, High Flux Dialyzers

50HF 80S Dialyzer - Fresenius HF80S Dialyser 5007181, High Flux Dialyzers

Fresenius HDF100S Dialyzer - High Flux Dialyser FX60 5007191

Fresenius HDF100S Dialyzer has been passed through the bubble point test during the inline steam sterilization process that reduces the risk of fibre ruptures and blood leakages during the dialysis treatmen

FX10 Dialyzer

Regal International offers Fresenius FX10 Dialyzer having pinnacle structure at both the ends of polypropylene housing together. Developed with the latest technology it provides a radial flow of the dialysas