Surgical Products

Surgical Products - Glucose Monitor, IUI Cannula (Intrauterine Insemination Cannula)

We supply surgical products like glucose monitor, IUI Cannula. We offer complete range surgical products catering to every specialty, including dialysis and haemodialysis. We serve our clients with wide range of glucose monitor that is used to check the blood glucose level in most dialysis and hemodialysis patient. Our glucose monitor is easy to operate and offers accurate results. Our IUI is an intrauterine insemination cannula has two lateral distal ports for optimal sperm distribution. To know more about our surgical products contact us today.

Glucose Monitor

Owing to the years of industrial experience, we have been able to serve our valued clients with a wide range of Glucose Monitor. Brand One Touch Product Glucose Monitor

IUI Cannula

Uterine Inseminator For Washed Spermatozoa. The IUI is an intrauterine insemination cannula with two lateral distal port for optimal sperm distribution. The iui cannula is made of non-toxic medical grade polypropylene