Dialysis Concentrates

Dialysis Concentrates - Haemodialysis Concentrate Solution, Peritoneal Dialysis Fluid, Acid Concentrates Dialysis Fluid

Our wide range of dialysis concentrates includes Haemodialysis Concentrate Solution, CAPD Dialysis Fluid, Acid Concentrates Dialysis Fluid, and Acid Concentrate Dialysis Fluid. The dialysis concentration is used in haemodialysis where the solution is been prepared according to the need that helps to regulate electrolyte and remove metabolic waste products. Dialysis fluid in the treatment of dialysis consists of purified water, glucose, and electrolytes. With the help of dialysis concentrate, the fluid is been prepared, used in the dialysis treatment that helps to regulate acid base balance, electrolyte and also helps to remove the metabolic waste. In order to remove the metabolic waste, electrolyte and acid base balance has to be regulated. This can be done with the help of dialysis concentrate where the dialysis fluid is been prepared according to the requirement of the patient. We offer high quality products that are been tested and then further it is been exported.

About Dialysis Concentrate and Solutions

Any fluid used in the application of dialysis comprises of glucose, electrolyte, and purified water. The electrolyte solution is prepared in such a way that it matches the concentration present naturally in the blood. The dialysis solution is prepared as per the patient requirements, which aids in regulating the electrolyte and maintain an acid-base balance in order to facilitate the procedure of removal of metabolic excretes from the body. The dialysis concentrate is specially formulated according to the patients needs in regulating the bodies electrolyte balance, acid base balance and eliminate the metabolic waste products. Haemodialysis concentrate solution is made to an accurate PH value and highly effective in operation. The nephroxa haemodialysis acid concentrate is precisely prepared to 45 liter packaging and has a long shelf life. The Nephroxa haemodialysis acid concentrates we offer are balanced solutions manufactured in line with the highest US and UK pharmaceutical standards. The packaging is lightweight with easy top connectors and flexible bags which are also environment friendly and compatible with the Fresenius dialysis machine.

What is the function of a dialysate fluid?

The dialysate fluid rectifies the uremic blood composition and brings it to the physiological level. It is achieved by reducing the uremic toxic concentration and fix the abnormalities associated with electrolytes and acids. For more information you can contact us and know about the dialysis concentrates used in the haemodialysis.

BIBAG 5008 650g - 5060781

Regal Inteernational provides BIBAG 5008 650g 5060781 Dialysis Concentrates that is generally used for urine alkalization, acidity in the blood and other medical conditions. The BIBAG disposable is secured

FRESENIUS BIBAG 5008 900g - 5060801

Unique additional advantages Flexible bag Minimal waste volume Comfortable to dispose of Environmentally friendly Automatic Emptying Programme after treatment No spilling

Acid Concentrate Dialysis Fluid

Regal International Provides Dialysis Solution from Soxa Formulations & Research pvt.ltd. Our Brand name Nephroxa Is not just Concentration but It is Balanced Electrolyte Solution.

Haemodialysis Concentrate Solution - Soxa Haemodialysis Solution

We are actively engaged in offering a wide gamut of Haemodialysis Concentrate Solution (10 Ltr.) Specifications: Bicarbonate Type - Part A Composition Each 1000ml contains Available in 10ltr.

CAPD Dialysis Fluid - Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis Fluid

We hold immense expertise in manufacturing and supplying a broad range of Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis Fluid. Specifications: It is used in the treatment for patients with severe chron

Acid Concentrates Dialysis Fluid

Owing to the years of industrial experience, we have been able to serve our valued clients with a wide range of Acid Concentrates including Dialysis Concentrates. Specifications: 1 litre of acid